Syriac Cultural Society

Introductory note

1. A non profit society of cultural, social, and educational interests
2. Encompassing clergymen and laymen of different specialties, communities and countries
3. Our ideas are mainly Christian and our culture is truly Levantine Syriac
4. Our concern with Syriac language and civilization comes from our Christian engagement in our society
5. Our cultural and civilisational identity takes its source in the identity of our society; it stands on three pillars:

- Religion: being the most important pillar, because it defines the position of Man towards God, Universe and Society

- History: where our rooting in our real History permits us to launch consciously into our Future

- Language: which is the first practical pillar that we have to regain

Our Principles

- "Lebanon is more than a Country, it is a message of freedom and an example of plurality for East and West"
- The existence of Lebanon is due to the Christians, but not for the Christians!. At the same time: "the prosperity of Christianity in Lebanon is a condition for the existence of the Christian minorities in the middle east.
- The respect of the specificity of each Community in our Country, so that no party tries to cancel the other party as a religion or as a people which has its own tradition, values culture language and existence
- "The danger today, doesn't affect the existence of Lebanon, but its identity!"
- "If we have to choose between liberty and coexistence, we choose liberty".

Our constants

- The respect of the Cultural identity of all Levantine Peoples, through the preservation of pluralism in all its forms.
- Our historical experience in the orient confirms the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ "I send you as sheep among wolves". Therefore our duty is to preserve our identity and to defend our existence without discarding our Christian values.
- What joins us with the Arabs, besides neighborhood and geography is language (knowing that our mother language is Syriac, as a depository of thought and translator of ideas).
What separates us is our religion, our culture and our history, forming the basis of pluralism in the Orient in general and in Lebanon in particular.
In spite of these facts we contributed as Christians a great deal in the creation and evolution of the Arab civilization from the early days of the Arabo_Islamic rule, and later on in what is known as the Arabic Renaissance era

Our goals

In order to preserve our Oriental Christian Syriac identity, our duty lies in:
- Rooting ourselves in our sacred motherland; the land of our ancestors, the land of the church and its saints, and the land of our martyrs.
- Preserving the Syriac spirituality, heritage, language, values and culture, and working on publishing it.
- Searching in depth into the history of our Christian Syriac Antiochean Orient on all levels.

Levels of work and fields of movement

- Awakening the consciousness of our people to their national identity of Syriac civilization, as a people with their own entity possessing their own history, different and independent from other peoples and civilizations of the region such as Kurds Armenians Copts or Arabs.
This conscience takes root in real and solid historical facts, along with tangible field proofs.
- This consciousness and this conviction crystallizes our need to learn our Syriac mother language, and to know more about all that is attached to it, in order to revive once more the Syriac people, attached to their History, identity, and free existence; a people immune to the different currents: be it of Occidental or Oriental nature.
- Our Syriac language is precious to us for three reasons;
1. It is the language in which our Lord Jesus spoke with the Galilean accent.
2. It is the language of our Churches, from which proceeded our Oriental Christian Culture.
3. It is our genuine language and the language of our ancestors in all the regions of the Aramaic Syriac Orient.

Means of work
1. Publishing and encouraging the Syriac language by way of free lessons in parish schools, along with different publications.
2. Publishing specific Historical studies and lectures in order to encourage the Historical consciousness, along with field excursions, media programs etc.
3. Taking an active part in the different conferences dealing with dialogue between opposing groups in their thought and disposition.
4. Taking care of Syriac relics, artistic, scientific, folk, and literary products and encouraging them by different activities.
5. Establishing a "watchtower" whose mission is to join in the dialogue in the media, in order to answer rapidly to any statement that distorts reality or opposes truth.
6. Contacting and cooperating with all potentialities that meets with our goals.

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